Executive Committee Members for 2023/2024
It was resolved that the following members of the Orchestra take up the following positions in the Orchestra Committee:

  • Mei Foon Lam 林美歡 – PRESIDENT, COSTUMES 團長/服裝
  • Chan Yat Ping 陳一平 – CONDUCTOR 指揮
  • Aaron Chan 陳劭航 – CONDUCTOR 指揮
  • Steven Kwong 鄺蔭棠 – VICE PRESIDENT 副團長
  • Eric Lau 劉賢億 – VICE PRESIDENT 副團長
  • Xiao Jin Ling 凌曉進 – ASSISTANT CONDUCTOR 助理指揮
  • Susan Wen 文舒琦 – TREASURER 財政
  • Andy Chan 陳尚澄 – SECRETARY 秘書
  • Daniel Han 韓承言 – PUBLICITY OFFICER 宣傳
  • Vivian Chen 陳冠羽 – LIBRARIAN 譜務
  • Ya Fu 付雅 – RECREATION OFFICER 活動組長

Other Honorary Members of the Orchestra:

  • Mr. Gregory Chang: Late President
  • Mr. Wen Lo: Founding member and Former President and Conductor
  • Mr. William Suen: Founding member and Former President and Conductor
  • Ms. June Chan: Conductor (1997-2007)
  • Mr. Dong Yan Ma: Honorary Music Advisor
  • Ms. Ying Yang: Guest artist and honorary pluck instrumental advisor
  • Mr.  Daniel Yim: Honorary Legal Advisor
  • Mr. Calvin Hao Zheng: Guest soloist , honorary conductor, and advisor
  • Mrs. Belinda Wong: Founding member and Former Treasurer