2023 Chao Feng Chinese Orchestra’s 41st Anniversary Concert 肇風中樂團四十一週年音樂會

Photo by Mr Yiong Hwee Teo

Chao Feng Chinese Orchestra

Chao Feng Chinese Orchestra was formed in 1982 in Melbourne and is the longest lasting and most established non-profit Chinese orchestra registered in Australia. Its aim is to promote traditional Chinese culture and music in Australia. 

This year (2024), the Orchestra will march into its 42nd year. Thanks to continuing support from the Melbourne University and the public, in its quest to deliver traditional Chinese culture to mainstream society, the Orchestra remains a unique addition to the colourful multicultural scene of Melbourne. Our orchestra is highly honoured to have been invited by the Arts Centre and National Gallery of Victoria to take part in multiple events.

Since its inception, Chao Feng has been striving to improve its standards. The Orchestra rehearses at the University of Melbourne every Monday evening. In order to honour its pledge of bringing Chinese music to the community, the Orchestra regularly organises free performances and presentations at various academic and community venues to introduce Chinese music and instruments to the public. The Orchestra’s repertoire covers not only traditional but contemporary works as well, including new arrangements of world classics and fresh approaches in performing Australian folk music.  

Chao Feng collaborates with leading overseas Chinese orchestras to foster cultural exchange. Over the years, Chao Feng has invited many famous overseas Chinese orchestras to Melbourne for joint performances. The orchestra has also been invited to Hong Kong, Singapore and Malaysia to participate in cultural exchange activities with renowned Chinese orchestras. In 2008 and 2012, Chao Feng was invited to perform at the International Chinese Music Festival in Hong Kong and Shanghai respectively. In 2019, Chao Feng was invited to participated in the ‘Spring Festival Chinese Music Concert’ and ‘Bonne Musique III Concert’ organised by the B.C. Chinese Music Association and the Edmonton Chinese Philharmonica of Canada.  All these events gave our members the opportunity to perform and exchange ideas with members from other orchestras. 

Besides audio and video recordings of annual concerts and a CD of the Australian National Anthem ‘Advance Australia Fair’ performed with traditional Chinese musical instruments, Chao Feng also produced a special commemorative 30th Anniversary double CD set and 35th Anniversary Memorial CD, which featured selected tracks from past concert recordings. During the lockdown period of the Covid pandemic in the previous years, Chao Feng managed to produce three well-received online performances – ‘Waltzing Matilda’, ‘Happy Chinese New Year and ‘Winter Hunt’.

All the CFCO committee members and staff are volunteers. The orchestra’s 40 years of achievements in promoting Chinese music and culture has been recognised by the Australian government. In 2015, the Orchestra was successful in getting registered as a Deductible Gift Recipient. On 14 December 2021, CFCO was registered at ACNC as a Charity. All future donations to Chao Feng Chinese Orchestra of $2 and above will be tax deductible.

The Orchestra thanks you for your generosity and support. Your encouragement enables the Orchestra to continue to promote Chinese music in Australia for the enjoyment of the community.






在錄音和錄影方面,除了本團週年音樂會錄音、錄影、和特別用中國傳統樂器演奏澳洲國歌Advance Australia Fair的鐳射光碟外,肇風更從音樂會現場錄音中,選出有代表性樂曲製成【肇風中樂團成立30週年紀念曲集】和【肇風中樂團成立35週年紀念曲集】精裝鐳射光碟。在新冠大流行期間本團製作了Waltzing Matilda》、《賀新年》和《冬獵》三個網上演出,極受好評。

肇風中樂團全體團委和工作人員都是為樂團義務工作。40多年來,樂團在宏揚中華音樂文化的成就獲得了澳洲政府的認許,2015年獲稅務局批准為《稅項回扣捐贈接受者》。 2021年底,肇風在澳大利亞慈善機構和非營利委員會(ACNC)成功註册為慈善機構。凡向肇風中樂團捐獻2元或以上,均可獲得稅務局稅項回扣。