Chao Feng Chinese Orchestra

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Upcoming Performances

1.邀請您來我們 2022《吹彈拉打乜咚咚》免費音樂會: 17/07/2022

2.邀請您來 肇風中樂團成立  40 週年音樂會:04/09/2022


HK 25 & Chao Feng 40

Concert to celebrate the 25th anniversary of

the establishment of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region

& the 40th anniversary of Chao Feng Chinese Orchestra.


慶祝香港特別行政區成立 25  週年暨肇風中樂團成立 40 週年音樂會


04/09/2022 Sunday 5:00pm

Elisabeth Murdoch Hall, Melbourne Recital Centre


指    揮   Conductor:

陳一平 Yat Ping Chan  &   陳劭航  Aaron Chan


Ticket sales start from 18/07/2022 at Melbourne Recital Centre!!






Here is a video to commemorate 38 years of Chao Feng Chinese Orchestra


Post-concert review by Sameway magazine for 37th anniversary concert: Music that Leaps and Bounds