Chao Feng Chinese Orchestra

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Upcoming Performances

26 August 2018 Sunday, 4:00pm:

  • Chao Feng Chinese Orchestra's 36th Anniversary Concert at Ivanhoe Girls Grammar School Performance Arts Centre



“世界真美麗 What a Beautiful World” 音樂會


八十分鐘環遊世界 音樂之旅




Chao Feng takes you around the world on an 80-minute musical journey. Chao Feng takes you around the world on an 80-minute musical journey. The programme will feature a Pipa solo by a special guest, two Yangqin solos, Sheng duet, woodwind quartet, sextet, Sheng and Plucked String ensemble, and orchestral ensemble. You will enjoy the beautiful music from different countries and continents.



Date(日期): 26/08/2018 (Sunday 星期日)


Time(時間):  4:00 - 6:00 pm


Venue(地址):  Ivanhoe Girls' Grammar School Performing Arts Centre

                             Cnr of Noel Street and Upper Heidelberg Road, Ivanhoe

                             Parking available at rear of Heidelberg Town Hall (opposite to PAC)



指     揮:陳一平

Conductor: Yat Ping Chan


特邀嘉賓 Special Guest:

樂團首席: 陳璁祺(前武漢音樂學院教授) Concertmaster: Mr Cong Qi Chen



Ticket: $28 $25 (Concession / group of 10 or more)

六歲以下兒童不宜  Not suitable for children under 6


Tickets available at:

寶康圖書文具公司 PO HONG Company: 601 Station St, Box Hill. Tel: 9890 8488

樂軒: Shop 1, 28 Kingsway, Glen Waverley (聯邦銀行隔鄰) Tel: 9886 5899 (search for: Chao Feng)




節目表Concert Programme


  • 我把世界來週遊  Gallivanting around the World   ( 中國China )
  • Waltzing Matilda  ( 澳洲 Australia )
  • 烏馬華蓋尼奥節日曲 Carnavalito ( 阿根廷Argentina )
  • 鄉村抒懷 Countryside Nostalgia ( 美國America )
  • 綠袖子幻想曲 Fantasia on Greensleeves  ( 英國England )
  • 土耳其進行曲  Turkish March (“ Rondo Alla Turca”) ( 土耳其Turkey )
  • 西班牙鬥牛舞曲  Espana Cani ( 西班牙Spain )
  • 美麗的非洲  Beautiful Africa  ( 非洲Africa )
  • 達姆達姆 Koum Tara ( 阿爾及利亞 Algeria )
  • 阿特拉斯之舞 Dance of Atlas ( 摩洛哥Morocco )
  • 龜兹舞曲  Dance of the Silk Road  (古代絲綢之路Ancient Silk Road )
  • 馬來民歌聯奏 Medley of Malaysian Folk Songs ( 馬來西亞Malaysia )
  • 悅孔雀舞 Mayura Pirom ( 泰國Thailand )
  • 美麗的梭羅河 Bengawan Solo  ( 印度尼西亞Indonesia )
  • 竹舞Bamboo Dance ( 菲律賓Philippines )
  • 春之海(四重奏) Haru No Umi   (日本Japan )
  • 大長今組曲 Dae Jang Geum Suite (韓國 Korea )
  • 茉莉花 Jasmine ( 中國China )