Chao Feng Chinese Orchestra

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The following is a brief but sufficient description of almost all of the instruments used in the Orchestra. Part of the information sourced from Singapore Chinese Orchestra Company Limited. (Slow loading page, due to the amount of images)


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General Orchestral Layout



The layout of today's Chinese orchestra is very similar to that of the symphony orchestra. The number of players in an orchestra can vary from a minimum of 20 to as many as 100.The orchestra is divided into 4 sections, classified by the type of instruments, namely the woodwind, string, plucked string and percussion. A few western instruments have also been incorporated into the orchestra, like the cello and the double bass that provided the lower notes which are necessary for a better instrumental blend.

Basically, Chinese musical instruments are catergorised by the method of their sound production. Thus, woodwind instruments are blown, plucking instruments are plucked, stringed instruments are bowed and percussion instruments are struck. However, it should be noted that different orchestras may position each section differently.





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Australian National Anthem performed by Chaofeng Chinese Orchestra


29/8/2010 華夏清韻绽新葩音樂會 28th Anniversary Concert:

帕米爾的春天 Spring in the Pamir


闖將令 The Trailblazers


大寨紅花遍地開 Red Flowers Blossom Throughout Dazhai


翻身的日子 Happy Day


春江花月夜 Moonlit River In Spring click to listen