Chao Feng Chinese Orchestra

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Photo by Matthew Lam


Chao Feng Chinese Orchestra and Hong Kong YWCA Chinese Orchestra jointly presented: “HK20 & Chao Feng 35” concert. Front row from left:

Dong Yan Ma (Banhu soloist), Calvin Hao Zheng (concertmaster) and  Yat Ping Chan (conductor)

肇風中樂團 35 週年音樂會《樂韵迎雙慶》肇風中樂團、香港女青中樂團與演奏嘉賓:馬東岩先生、鄭浩先生和肇風指揮陳一平合照。

Chao Feng Chinese Orchestra has "sister" relationships with the following regional Chinese orchestras: –


The Hong Kong Music Lover Chinese Orchestra 香港愛樂民樂團


The Keat Hong Chinese Orchestra of Singapore 新加坡吉豐華樂團


The PCC Chinese Orchestra of Malaysia 馬來西亞專藝民族樂團


The Singapore Temasek Polytechnic Chinese Orchestra 新加坡淡馬錫理工學院華樂團


The Hong Kong Juvenile and Youth Chinese Orchestra 香港青少年國樂團


The Hong Kong YWCA Chinese Orchestra 香港女青中樂團


The Dachung Youth Chinese Classical Orchestra from Taiwan 台灣大中青少年國樂團


The Hong Kong La Salle College Chinese Orchestra 香港喇沙書院中樂團


Chao Feng Chinese Orchestra is also fortunate to be closely associated with The Australian Chinese Music Ensemble and other highly acclaimed Chinese musicians in Melbourne.

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