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Chao Feng Chinese Orchestra (CFCO) would like to thank:

Faculty of the Victorian College of the Arts and the Melbourne
Conservatorium of Music, University of Melbourne, Dr Greame Counsel and Professor Catherine Falk for their continuous support since CFCO was founded 35 years ago.

排練地址與時間 CFCO rehearse every Monday from 8pm to 10 pm at:  Music Department, the University of Melbourne, 210 Berkeley Street, Carlton. (Melway: 43 G4)

Chao Feng Chinese Orchestra Incorporated DGR is a tax-deductible fund listed on the Australian Government's Register of Cultural Organisations maintained under Subdivision 30-B of the Income Tax Assessment Act 1997. Donations of $2 and above to “Chao Feng Chinese Orchestra Incorporated DGR” will be tax deductible.

凡向肇風中樂團公眾募基金: “Chao Feng Chinese Orchestra Inc.DGR”捐獻2元或以上,均可獲得稅務局稅項回扣

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Chao Feng Chinese Orchestra

Chao Feng Chinese Orchestra was formed in 1982 in Melbourne, and is the first non-profit Chinese orchestra to be registered in Australia. Its aim is to promote traditional Chinese culture and music in Australia.

This year, the orchestra marches into its 35th year. Thanks to continuing public support, in its quest to deliver traditional Chinese culture to mainstream society, the Orchestra is now a unique addition to the colourful multicultural scene of Melbourne. In 2012 Chao Feng Chinese Orchestra was invited by Melbourne Arts Centre to perform in the "Raising the Roof" concert at the highly acclaimed Hammer Hall. In 2014 the Orchestra participated in the Community Arts Project “Play me, I'm Yours”, when a team of talented members from the Orchestra decorated an upright piano with characteristic Chinese Opera masks and distinctive Melbourne landmarks. In 2016, our members participated in another successful community Arts Project, building a 2 kilometer long “Dominoes” with large building bricks, starting from the City Hall, across the Yarra River, to conclude at the Arts Centre. Both these community Arts Project were organised by Melbourne Arts Centre. In 2015, our orchestra was invited by the National Gallery of Victoria to perform at the press conference, grand opening ceremony, VIP reception banquet and during the exhibition of "The Golden Age of China". It was a great honour to be invited by the Arts Centre and National Gallery of Victoria to take part in multiple events.

Since its inception, Chao Feng Chinese Orchestra has been striving to improve its standards. For 35 years, whatever weather condition, the Orchestra rehearses on Monday evenings at the Melbourne University School of Music. In order to honour its pledge of bringing Chinese music to the community, the Orchestra regularly organizes free performances and presentations at various academic and community venues to introduce Chinese music and instruments to the public. The orchestra's repertoires cover not only traditional, but contemporary work as well, including new arrangements of world classics and fresh approaches in performing Australian folk music.

In addition to its annual concerts and performances at local community activities, Chao Feng collaborates with leading overseas Chinese orchestras to foster cultural exchange. Through such collaborations, the orchestra is now a well-known “overseas Chinese orchestra”. To date, the Orchestra has jointly performed with The Hong Kong Music Lovers Chinese Orchestra, Hong Kong Juvenile and Youth Chinese Classical Orchestra, Hong Kong YWCA Chinese Orchestra, Keat Hong Chinese Orchestra of Singapore, Singapore Temasek Polytechnic Chinese Orchestra, The PCC Chinese Orchestra of Malaysia, Dachung Youth Chinese Classical Orchestra of Taiwan and La Salle College Chinese Orchestra of Hong Kong. In 2008 and 2012, Chao Feng was invited to participate at the International Chinese Music Festival in Hong Kong and Shanghai respectively. This gave our members the opportunity to perform and exchange ideas with members from other orchestras. In its home ground - Melbourne, Chao Feng has been hosting local as well as visiting Chinese musicians.

Besides audio and video recordings of annual concerts and a CD of the Australian National Anthem “Advance Australia Fair” performed with traditional Chinese musical instruments, Chao Feng Chinese Orchestra also produced a special commemorative 30th Anniversary double CD set which featured selected tracks from past concert recordings.

In 2015, the Orchestra was successful in getting registered as a Deductible Gift Recipient. All future donations to Chao Feng Chinese Orchestra of $2 and above will be tax deductible. The Orchestra thanks you for your generosity and support, so that it can continue to promote Chinese music in Australia for the enjoyment of the community.



今年肇風邁進第三十五年,在這三十五年的努力發展過程中,承蒙社會各界的厚愛和支持,得以茁壯成長,成功地把優秀的中國傳統樂器和音樂文化帶入這西方社會,成為墨爾本多元文化活動極有代表性的單位,為墨爾本多元文化社群增添不少色彩。2012年,肇風應墨爾本藝術中心邀請在著名的Hamer Hall音樂廳參與“Raising the Roof”超大型音樂會演出,之後三年,肇風再度兩次應墨爾本藝術中心邀請,在2014年參與國際性,社區性大型活動“Play Me, I'm Yours”將中國傳統戲劇男女面譜和墨爾本地標來粉飾一臺鋼琴,和2016年的“Dominoes”活動,肇風團員協助建築兩公里長的三合土骨牌由墨爾本市政廳跨越Yarra河到藝術中心。此外,肇風在2015年應維多利亞國家美術館(National Gallery of Victoria) 邀請,
為《乾隆盛世展覽Golden Age of China Exhibition》的新聞發報會、開幕禮、貴賓宴和展覽館演出。肇風中樂團能多次被墨爾本藝術中心和維多利亞國家美術館邀請參與活動,實在是本團極大的榮譽。




肇風中樂團在2015年被政府列入文化組識名冊,並獲稅務局批准為《稅項回扣捐贈接受者》 凡向肇風中樂團捐獻2元或以上,均可獲得稅務局稅項回扣。本團在此呼籲有心人士慷慨解囊,助肇風一臂之力,促進中國音樂文化在澳洲的發展,讓肇風持續地把中樂發揚光大,為社會、為澳洲服務。




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