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Breana's Report of the Chinese Tradition Art and Culture Camp


This article is about my experience in Chinese Tradition Art and Culture Camp in Shenzhen last year, which was held by Overseas Chinese Office of State Council of People’s Republic of China, and sponsored by Shenzhen Huaxia Art Center. As a member of Chaofeng Chinese Orchestra, I was honored to be there with Selina (a senior member), spending almost 20days on learning Chinese tradition and culture, watching fantastic performances, and having a lot of fun together with other members in the course. Not only is this training an unforgettable memory, but also an unparalleled fortune. So I would like to share my feelings with you, and I hope you will enjoy it.


I  Courses

Huaxia Art Center has arranged us a full-time, wonderful series of courses, including Singing, Dancing (main courses), Calligraphy, Chinese Painting, Paper Cutting, even Tai Chi, and some seminars about art.

Every lecturer is talented and professional at their own field, and they really taught us a lot. Take the example of me, as being a student of singing class, the teacher was so passionate and devoted to give us a fascinating training, although a little tough at the beginning. Not only have I learnt some beautiful songs, but also the basic principle of singing a folk Chinese song. Through the practice, we’ve improved a lot according the guide of her. And during the teaching-and-learning period, we’ve established a strong connection. So at the ending performance, I just teared out when we were at the middle of the song “The heart of Thanks-giving”. It was really embarrassing for me, and I’ve heard that the cameraman filmed my performance in the DVD. But it was actually moving and touching, and Selina and I decided to perform it for you guys.

There is another lecture I prefer—Paper Cutting. When I was a child, I used to do a little in primary school. This chance really gave me inspiration to review, and promote. It was exciting when you finish a piece of work. I was proud of the two-fishes I made with the help of Selina who made the water grass for my work.


Also, the seminar about the history of singing was impressive. The lecturer was so infectious, and fabulous that the total 3 hours seemed not enough for every one. Furthermore, I would like to refer the main teacher of dancing class, who is a great dancer and director. I loved to have his lecture and see his dance—attractive. The favorite dances should be ‘The south of Colorful Cloud’ and ‘The Road to Sky’, because they are traditional and full of minority customs—Dai and Tibet.


There is a lot to tell, but always not enough. Anyway, I enjoyed the classes they provided; I would like to describe them colorful and enjoyable.


Outside Classes

Besides the multiple classes, we also had many chances to have fun, like playing in Paradise, watching fabulous performances, and having party together. I want mention the performance named ‘Elements’, which shows the Hollywood’s understanding of Chinese five elements-gold, tree, water, fire, earth. It combined the Chinese and Western methods, the integration of tradition and modern, China and Hollywood, Classy and Humor, provided audience a visional feast.


There were other wonderful performances I cannot tell one by one, but I am sure all we watched were fascinating. I was absent for the one-day tour, so maybe Selina can talk about it.



The accommodation was located in a college in Shenzhen, near the place we had classes. The environment was worth living, with green trees, small lake, kinds of little gardens, and flowers. So it was quite and beautiful place to stay in.


The food was also good, including breakfast, lunch, dinner, with kinds of dishes. However it’s oily after a few days, we had to figure out how to gain less. When we had programs outside, we would dine out at there. Many people sit together, talking, laughing.


And the sponsor just treated us so well. Because of unknown reason, many people got seriously sick, me as one. They sent people to take us to the hospital, give us medicine, and care a lot. Even when we had classes, there were two people serving water and snacks for us.


Every detail did not be ignored and cared. Every move could make me feel warm and touch.



Although the training program lasted just 20 days in all, it impressed me greatly. I learnt the skill to singing, the way to make paper cutting, the make-up tips, and knowledge of excellent Chinese tradition. And the most important is that I met some good people, sharing the same feeling and experiences. The spirit of loving China will never end……


I want to express my thanks to The Consulate General of People’s Republic of China, Consul Mr. Chen Di, especially Chao Feng Chinese Orchestra, which provided this great opportunity for us to attend  Chinese art and culture special training program for oversea Chinese organizations.



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