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Election of Committee Members for  2016/2017 
It was resolved that the following members of the Orchestra take up the following positions in the Orchestra Committee on 29th August 2016 AGM:


Mei Foon Lam


Steven Kwong


Yat Ping Chan

Assistant Conductor

Eric Lau


Belinda Wong


Vivian Chen

Librarian and costume

Mei Foon Lam

Recreation Officer

Harry Han

Publicity officer

Xiao Jin Ling

General Officer

Alan Tan

Other Honourary Members of the Orchestra:

|Mr. Gregory Chang

Founding member and Former President

Mr. Wen Lo

Founding member and Former President and Conductor

Mr. William Suen

Founding member and Former President and Conductor

Ms. June Chan

Conductor (1997-2007)

Mr. Dong Yan Ma

Honourary Music Advisor

Ms. Ying Yang

Guest artist and  honourary pluck instrumental advisor

Mr.  Daniel Yim Honourary Legal Advisor

Mr. Hao Zheng

Guest soloist , honourary conductor, and advisor



Mei is one of the Founding members of Chao Feng Chinese Orchestra and a key project leader. She has been in the Orchestra Committee since Chao Feng was established in 1982. She was President in 1991 and 1992, and Vice President from 1993 to 2002. In 2007, she was elected as President again. Mei also manages the music scores, instruments and the costumes. Mei plays pipa (Chinese lute) with the Orchestra.



Mei Foon Lam

Yat Ping Chan


Born in Hong Kong, Mr Yat Ping Chan graduated from the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts. He is now the conductor of the Chao Feng Chinese Orchestra. 
While in Hong Kong, Mr. Chan was founder, leader and conductor of several professional and amateur music groups including the Hong Kong Juvenile & Youth Chinese Classical Orchestra, Hong Kong Chinese Music Ensemble, North District Chinese Orchestra, Tai Po Children Choir and YMCA Kornhill Children Choir. He was crowned Jing Ying of Hong Kong (best of the best) and Hong Kong Young Music Talent. He has performed not only in Hong Kong but also in cities across Australia, Austria, China, France, Japan, United Kingdom and the United States. He participated in various important and major international music festivals.
As a musician and a music teacher, Mr. Chan is devoted to teaching and promoting Chinese music in Melbourne.

Mr. Steven Kwong is currently Vice President of the Orchestra and a key project co-ordinator. Steven has played Dizi (Chinese bamboo flute) for a number of orchestras in Hong Kong before migrating to Australia. He was Vice-President of the Hong Kong Music Lover Chinese Orchestra and assisted them in producing a number of cassette tapes and CDs and organised international tour performances to China, Singapore, Taiwan, Macau and the United States. Steven also plays a key role in the Chao Feng Chinese Orchestra's music  arrangements, training and conducting and is the key public relations officer for the group

Steven Kwong

Belinda Wong

BELINDA WONG - Founder member / Treasurer

Belinda was the lead Yang Qin player at the Won Kown Chinese Orchestra in Hong Kong since 1972 before migrating to Australia. She is one of the founding members of the Chao Feng Chinese Orchestra.
Due to family commitments, she was absent for approximately ten years (1986-1997). When she returned to Chao Feng Chinese Orchestra in 1997, she also brought her son, Thomas, and daughter to the orchestra. Thomas is now 22 years old, he is the concert master. Her youngest daughter Jan who is a music student at University of Melbourne, also very much involved with the orchestra. She plays percussion and is the Treasurer of our Orchestra.


Xiao Jin Ling                                              Alan Tan




                                      Vivian Chen                                             Eric Lau                                           Harry Han



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